Monday, 15 August 2011

1-2-1-2 Breath

One night first kiss,
wasn’t on purpose,
my aim was off,
you turned you head,
and my lips got lost,

1-2 1-2
thump thump
remember to breath
try not to linger

the taste of your lips
the scent of your cologne
one hand on your hair
one hand on you chest
your hand on my neck so gently yet so tight

thump thump
remember to breath
try not to fall

the thought of your body touching mine
the idea of spending the night in your arms
feeling chills running up and down
my legs feel week
I don’t want to leave

thump thump
remember to breath
dam it I fell

please dot let me get hurt now
that I fell in love with you

thump thump
and finally remember to breath

Monday, 20 June 2011

Thought I'd hold these words...

Thought I'd hold these words of you deep in my heart
I hope they'll reach you someday...

This heat is rising higher, like the pounding beat of my heart
I feel this intense fire, but i don't know where to start
But locked in this sensation, I then began to see
This everlasting emotion just won't set me free
I don't know whether fate brought us together
When we met for the very first time before
Maybe coincidence, maybe chance, or something more

I thank God for the time that I can spend beside you
Standing by your side, forever, till our days are through
I'm content with gazing at your smile so sublime
From this moment, until the end of time
The tie that binds us together through the lives we've led
Gives us strength to persevere, no matter what lies ahead

Thought I'd hold these words of you deep in my heart
I hope they'll reach you someday...

Friday, 17 June 2011

Als in een

Hoe kan ek liefhĂȘ, verlief wees en begeer terseldertyd? My emosies in n warboel, my denke geskroei. Nie n tweestryd nie, dis erger. Waarmee het ek my tog nou bemoei? Dis n chemiese reaksie een oomblik. Passie, tongknopery, bloos. Weet nie of ek kom of gaan nie Sy nabyheid maak my moedeloos... Dan sien ek weer sterretjies, voel snaaks as sy arms om my gaan. Praat vir ure en ure wat voel soos sekondes. Gesteelde oomblikkies onder die maan... En dan is daar die versekerheid, die wete dat ewig sal hou. Geen afstand kan die kettings breek, van die pyn en vreugde wat jou knus omvou...

Friday, 10 June 2011

Remember this...?

If only I could have that magic genie... Those three wishes tht he could grant me. I'd wish for thse moonlight moments to never end, for us to stay that way, hand in hand. I'd wish for Paris and the french lessons under the Tower, your arms around me, every passing hour. And I'd wish for ice cream at midnight, an unlimited supply, all the different flavours, you know the reason why! These wishes are all I need, to put colour into my world. And here I stand before you, a lost an lonely girl... Paint with me?

The Strength of a Woman

Confusing yet simple, Daring yet fragile, She can drive you to the point of madness, Then bewitch you with the sweetest smile. Provocative and sensual, Yet she can make your temper rise, Her words can be so soothing, Secrets kept in her eyes. Crying in your arms one moment, Facing the world the next, The female of the species, Unique and so perplexed. Loving with the gentlest touch, There when you're in need, The strength of a women... A wondrous thing indeed.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


There is a reason i am filled with joy unspeakable, He pours it into me each morning... There is a reason i have peace tht surpasses all understanding, He calms me through every storm... There is a reason I am blessed, He takes care of His children... There is a reason I stand out an am radiant, He lives in me an shines trough... There is a reason I am forgiven, cleansed, His Grace is sufficient... There is a reason I don't fear, am confident, can take on any challenge, He is Always with me... There is a reason I am whole, He completes me... He is my Father, my King and my God... He is my everything, He is The Reason.

Protect the melody

It knocks you down, Makes you fall. Lets you shrink in size when you were standing six feet tall. It seems so unfair, the way life treats you sometimes. Throws you with those lemons when the last thing you feel like doing is making lemonade... Oh and don't let the people you hold dear get hurt. See then you think the whole world is wrong. Cause when their pain becomes yours, It's like the words are messed up in that beautiful song. Im not the superhero, though i try to fight back. My Daddy does the battles, and i leave it in His hands. Sometimes its hard to do when you want that sweet revenge... Yes, it may knock you down. Yes, it may be unbearable too. But hey, its part of wht makes you, breaks you. It just depends on what you choose to do. Don't let them change your melody.